NYC Cultural Institution Staff: Let’s hang out over lunch.

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Museum Hack wants to meet some awesome people in New York City. A few of our tour guides are visiting NYC museums and cultural institutions to meet with other museum professionals to discuss best practices for visitor engagement.

If you work at an NYC area museum and want Museum Hack to visit your office for a coffee meeting or a brown bag lunch presentation, please email Dustin.

NYC Dustin at AMNH

Top 5 Reasons to Email Us Now and Say Hello

  1. Your institution is AMAZING and we want to come nerd-out about it with you.
  2. Museum Hack LOVES group tours. We lead nearly 30 private tours in NYC every week. We love sharing what’s worked for us.
  3. Audience engagement is crucial, and we’d love to know the challenges and opportunities you’re facing at your museum.
  4. You’ve already exhausted your daily quota of internet cat videos.
  5. We LOVE to talk about art. And artifacts. And dinosaurs.

The ultimate purpose of these get togethers is to share best practices, find common ground, and see if there are any opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations. You love museums. We love museums. Let’s talk shop about how we can get EVERYONE to love them as much as we do.

Here is a quick video about what we do: Museum Hack featured on PBS NewsHour

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