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Consulting Case Studies November 19, 2019 Danse de Museum Hack (Case Study: NYC Ballet Trivia Night)

Have you ever wanted to be a ballerina?  To learn the graceful moves and unique history of this amazing art form?

The NYC Ballet is America’s premiere ballet company, having danced across the city since 1948.  With the largest repertoire of any American ballet company, they host over 60 ballets every year that attract thousands of potential patrons.  With a focus on growing their young patrons program, the NYC Ballet wanted to engage millennials and young professionals with a fun event that left them pirouetting with glee.   They called Museum Hack!

NYC Ballet Trivia Night Welcome Talk

As our first fundraising-focused event, we worked with NYC Ballet to host a spectacularly fun dance-themed event that raised money for dance-related injuries.  We drew on our best practices for audience engagement to craft a unique, interactive evening that engaged young patrons with ballet’s history.  Our team dived into the NYC Ballet’s archives, finding fun facts and awesome trivia to incorporate in the event.  Can you answer the question below?

Where do the terms "Upstage" and "Downstage" come from?

“Upstage” and “downstage” trace their history to medieval English theatre.  There, stages were “raked,” or tilted, upwards from the front row of the audience towards the back of the performance area.  This helped the audience see actors who were at the back of the stage.  To walk away from the audience, actors would head up a ramp, i.e., “upstage.”  And vice versa.

We also worked with NYC Ballet to challenge our guests with fun ballet-themed activities.  Guests were challenged to create the perfect ballerina bun and perform fun dance challenges.  Check out the photos below to see their ballet style in action:

Ballerinas with finished hair styles for judging
Bake the Ballerina (Hair) Buns! Who did it best?
Young patrons group doing ballet dance
Young patrons split into teams to learn & perform fun ballet moves!
Swan Lake performance by young patrons
Swan Lake…Hack style!
NYC Ballet guest does a fist pump
Fist pump for a successful young patrons night!

“Thank you SO much for all of your help in making last night a success. I know I had an amazing time and I think the dancers and all the attendees also had an awesome time. I am so floored that this worked out!”

– Christina Kim, NYC Ballet Young Patrons Circle

The event was tons of fun and attracted young patrons from all over the city.  Even better, one attendee has already become a new member of the Young Patrons Circle!  We had so much fun learning awesome ballet facts while practicing new dance moves.  By the end of the night, it was all hands in for NYC Ballet:


Ready to take your patrons events to the next level? Contact us to discuss how we can infuse your next event with unique, highly interactive fun!

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