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If you love museums, we want to hear it!

Museum Hack team building tours are off the hook!  We combine storytelling, not-lame group activities, and games to create fun and memorable experiences for you and your colleagues. 

We will whisk your team off to all the hidden, awesome, and amazing places in the Met that most visitors rarely get to see. We can heavily customize your tour to focus on your company values, interests, themes, industry, and challenges to make this event not only fun, but super relevant and inspiring to your staff. 

A handful of great NYC companies have come on tour with us, and sent us some empowering testimonials. Read below, or click this link to see more. 

Its all about the details when it comes to Team Building

“Thanks for the great idea to bring the team to Museum Hack. I think they thoroughly enjoyed and I think they finally understand the amazing experience you guys put together. I was actually sharing some of this (and what our company does in terms of experiences) with a friend of mine who’s Mom runs the Charleston Museum of Art and she was like HOLY CRAP THAT’S COOL.”
-Jonathan D.,  VP of Operations and Business Development at Host Committee

Scavenger Hunts are a super fun way to get teams to collaborate

“8 of my co-workers and I went on a Museum Hack at The Met and had an absolute blast! I’ve been to The Met countless times, but this trip was super unique – not only did I end up in parts of the museum I had no idea even existed, but also I learned a ton about really interesting pieces of the Met’s collection. Our guides were not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also super funny and great story tellers. They kept our whole team engaged and put up with own special brand of crazy, really making it a part of the tour. A huge thumbs up for Museum Hack!”
-Sarah G, attendee from an NYC Team Building Event

Strike a pose on your team building tour!

Our team building tour at the Met went great. Museum Hack was able to get our whole team involved– everyone participating. Our guides were awesome at working with our team to get everyone engaged. We especially loved the group photo of the team posing in front of Washington Crossing the Delaware! Also, the “Buy, Steal or Burn” game in Visible Storage was a lot of fun.” 
-Laura, Human Resources at Macy’s in NYC

Prizes make Team Building better. It's science.

We want to help you build a stronger, more tight-knit team. Find out more about our work our Team Building tours and events, or send us an email to start talking about your next event!


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