The Museum Visitor That Didn’t Exist In 1979

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Not so long ago, the idea of calling your friend from another country was an absurd idea. But technology made it happen.

And not so long ago, the idea of carrying a computer in your hand was an absurd idea. But technology made it happen.

And not so long ago…

The idea of visiting a museum online was absurd too. But increasingly patrons are choosing to “check in” online instead of visiting the gallery itself (and sometimes in addition to). With this changing definition of “museum visitor”, museums have had to expand their capabilities in showcasing their works.

But the trend continues, and in today’s post we will discover what is happening and why.

Download the PDF version of this visual summary.

Expanding the Concept of museum visitor by NMC Horizonts Report on Museums

museum visitor can now experience the museum entirely virtually and contribute to conversations about exhibits and collections

museum visitor Museum website traffic has quickly outpaced physical museum attendance

museum visitor Online museum experiences get audiences interested in museum collections and exhibitions

museum visitor Museums need to adapt to a global audience if they want to stay relevant

museum visitor 75% used electronic devices to view art Just 33% actually attended art events

museum visitor Social media platforms and websites are now being seen as surrogates for a physical museum experience

museum visitor digital visits cannot replace the richness of an analog visit but there is no doubt that online access is transforming the museum

museum visitor NMC Horizon Report 2015 credits


Download the PDF version of this visual summary.

The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Museum Edition”  is a collaborative report created by The New Media Consortium and Balboa Park Online Collaborative, and covers the major trends in the museum industry in 2015.

Find out about our consulting work with museums, or send us an email to find out more about how we can help your institution with audience development.


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