Robots Are Taking Over Museums! (And So Is Creativity)

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Some definitions are static (or at least very seldom change): crayon, midnight, manager.

While other definitions are constantly evolving: “normal work hours”, social media, healthy food.

And “art” falls into the latter category, with increasingly rapid change driven by new technology and perspectives.

Robots in museums, using a laser as a “paintbrush”, and more… imagine the work Michelangelo could have done with a precision laser cutter!

Today’s post highlights the changing face of creativity and art in museums. It is a quick summary based on The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Museum Edition. Enjoy!

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Expanding the Boundaries of Creativity

Creativity: Modern technology is creating new ways for artists to create work, and new ways for museums to display it

Creativity: New technology now allows audiences to experience ancient worlds in ways never thought possible.

Creativity: There is an opportunity for leaders to develop creative, forward-thinking programs using visitor's personal devices.

The adoption of creativity and experimentation as an ongoing value implies the acceptance of constant revision and re-vision as standard, rather than exceptional behavior.

Creativity: Museums are changing the way they engage with visitors through tech devices -- shifting creative control to their audiences.

Creativity: We can maximize the artwork's emotional impact by creating custom, tech-enhanced spaces, and by to personalizing the visitor experience.

Creativity NMC Horizon Report credits

If you’d like to keep your own version of this summary, download the PDF version of this post.

This is a summary of the section “Expanding the Boundaries of Creativity” from the NMC Horizons Report on Museums 2015. The report covers key trends in the museum industry. 

This is the first installment of a series where we summaries some of the key trends from the report. Would you like to see more?  Get the next report summary delivered right to your inbox: subscribe to our mailing list.

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