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The Rubin Museum of Art in NYC is one of our favorite spots for company team building in the city, especially if you’re looking to host an after-hours event!

This spring, we took more than a dozen Google employees on an unconventional team building tour of the Rubin. The group included employees from other countries who were in town visiting Google’s New York offices.

Before our guides began the tour, the group enjoyed a round of drinks in the museum’s cafe, setting the tone for a fun, surprising journey through the amazing collections.

The group enjoyed a scavenger hunt and a special performance by a musician before they headed back to the cafe for post-tour dinner and drinks!

Google’s group had a great time at the Rubin. We loved showing them one of our favorite team building locations in NYC!

“The hack was great!! Ben and Zak were great guides and everyone said they had a great time! I liked that it was a good amount of time, not too long, and the scavenger hunt was more fun that I would have thought!  Also enjoying having a drink beforehand, then mingling after with food was a great idea. People enjoyed having that social element as well! Thanks so much for a great event! Many of the folks from other countries were super impressed and loved how unique the experience was for a corporate activity!”

Want to know more about our events at the Rubin? Check out what we did for Goodwin Procter and Pivotal, or get in touch with us at 1-800-210-9676!

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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