Night at the Museum Themed Tour was “exactly what we wanted”

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Testimonials November 18, 2019 Night at the Museum Themed Tour was “exactly what we wanted”

What could be better than bringing your kids’ favorite movie to life? It is an incredibly engaging way to make learning fun- and to get young people to see the museum in a completely different way. The Blight family recently came on a private, customized Little Hackers tour with us, and they had one request: could we please base the tour on their son’s favorite film: Night at the Museum.

Jared did a great job of putting together a tour that was pretty much exactly what we wanted.  We went to the third movie the night before and the tour the next day fit perfectly!
-Barry, Carlamay and Jackson Blight 

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We loved the idea of using pop culture and film to engage young visitors, and we wanted to share with you a little more about this process. We did a quick four question interview with the tour guide for this tour, Jared, to find out what made this tour special.


1. How did you make this tour special?

I will blatantly admit that I’d never seen anything from the Night at the Museum trilogy. So, when I started watching the first installment on the subway next to a man clipping his toenails, I made myself think like a 6-year old. I would mark any scene/character that was memorable until I had enough to work with. I really wanted the tour to be led by the customer. I always enjoyed those choose-your-own-destiny R.L. Stine books as a kid so that was definitely in the back of my mind when I was creating this tour.
Also, rhyming riddles are deceptively hilarious when shouted in public.


2. What is your favourite part in the movie?

I really enjoyed the older short bald janitor character that would use really outdated insults to cut Ben Stiller down to size. Classic.


3. What was the most memorable moment from the tour?

In order to move to the next character, the 6-year-old had to choose a square from the golden tablet of Ahkmenrah. When I read some of the riddles for him to figure out, he started getting sassy. He would smile, roll his eyes, shout the answer, and start guiding the whole group to the next spot…Unfortunately he didn’t know where the stops were located. Now that’s someone who’s excited to get lost in a museum!


4. Why do you think it is important to host tours like this for young people?

We are living in a time when virtual media is everywhere. It’s fantastic to use popular movie as an entry point to access the interests and passions of your audience. Who knows? If it wasn’t for my trip to Chicago’s Field Museum after seeing The Land Before Time, maybe my passion for archeology and natural science would have never materialized.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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