New York Life Group Bonding Activity: “Our Guides Were Superb”

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We have a lot of repeat visitors on our private museum tours. Groups from Google have been with us several times, and M Booth and New York Life, too.

We work with your team to make them more engaged, satisfied, and excited with their work. The best team building activities give your employees a chance to have fun and play together in an active way.

We can help you plan your next corporate event, including indoor activities like story telling workshops and our one-of-a-kind private museum tours. We can also help you with leadership and communication training workshops.

Interested in some good old fashioned group bonding? Give us a call at 1-800-210-9676 and we will help you instill a little FUN into the office work day.

A group from New York Life recently went on one of our tours at the Met. It was a ton of fun, and they had this to say about it:

The team really enjoyed the event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our guides were superb – they did a fantastic job of bringing the museum to life, and the team participation was just the right amount.

Anthony Ferraro, Vice President & Actuary at New York Life

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