Okay Ladies Now Let’s Get In Formation

Hayley Milliman

Content Lead

We’ve been proud to celebrate the Badass Bitches of the Met in NYC, the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and the de Young in San Francisco. Now we’re thrilled to announce the revolution is spreading!

We’re bringing our one-of-a-kind Badass Bitches tour to TWO new cities: Los Angeles and Chicago.

Why do we do a Badass Bitches tour, you ask?

Well, remember when feminism happened, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s success ushered in a new wave of female artists and the art world treated male and female artists equally for all time?


Female artists are hugely underrepresented in many museums across the world, but we’re not letting that stop us. Our Badass Bitches tours are designed to do three simple things:

  • Celebrate the women at the museums who ARE represented.
  • Fill you in on some women you haven’t heard about but should TOTALLY know.
  • Kick some ass: hack the patriarchy and (briefly) raise the percentage of art on view by female artists.

Our new Badass Bitches tours at the Getty in Los Angeles and the Art Institute of Chicago (in, you guessed it, Chicago) will help shine a light on some of the amazing ladies who’ve contributed to two of the greatest museums in the world.

The future is female and guess what: the past was, too.

So get ready to join the revolution (or, you know, keep revolution-ing, we support your journey wherever you are) in two fabulous new cities.

Badass Bitches tours kick off in Los Angeles and Chicago on Saturday, March 3rd at 2:30 pm. 

LA Tickets!

Chicago Tickets!


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