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We’ve added new dates for 2016!  Select the weekend that works best for you: April 22-24, June 10-12, July 8-10, or November 11-13.

Mona Boot Camp

Join us for an exclusive boot camp for museum professionals.  You’ll travel to New York City to learn our tips and tricks for passionately engaging audiences, infusing new life into programs, and hacking museum collections. You’ll also get to explore the juicy gossip and hidden backstories at two of the most famous museums in the world: the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History.

In a three-day intensive weekend, you’ll become a “Hacker in Training” — learning and practicing our methods and brainstorming ideas for your museum — along with other museum professionals from around the world.  You’ll top it off by presenting two tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, followed by celebratory coffee!

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Want to know more?  Here’s the schedule of your three-day whirlwind NYC adventure:

On Friday, you’ll arrive in New York City to meet our staff, discuss the program, and become an official Hacker in Training.  You’ll be assigned a coach and squad for developing and presenting your skills throughout the weekend.  Squads will spend time doing fun team-building activities followed by time to explore the Met and get dinner.  You’ll then shadow our VIP Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday night, followed by meeting our team for drinks at one of our favorite late-night spots.

Participants in our first Boot Camp listen to an attendee present her object hack.

On Saturday morning, we’ll whisk you to the American Museum of Natural History.  You’ll start by learning our 5 Elements of a Hack method for creating a successful storytelling-based “hack” of an exhibit, space, or object.  Next, you’ll embark on a brazen expedition through the halls of this 27-building, 1.6-million square foot landmark cultural institution to observe the skills used by our guides to engage and re-engage audiences.  

We’ll break for a group lunch and then walk across Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  At the Met, you’ll learn the frameworks of our approach to creating participatory visitor experiences, including:

  • Elements of a Hacked Tour, including activities, pacing, and varied types of pieces to engage, and re-engage, audiences; and
  • Scaffolding and Activity Design, including methods to encourage visitors to verbalize their feelings in an open and non-threatening environment, explore the museum kinesthetically, and use technology to continue exploring and make connections long after their tour is over.

Our Museum Hack guides will also assist you with your performance skills, finding objects, and workshopping a brief Hack-style tour.  We’ll break for dinner (on your own or with your squad), and you’ll spend the evening designing and preparing your tour with your squad and coach.

Dustin discusses an object with Boot Camp participant

On your final day, you’ll be ready for any hacking challenge!  In the morning, your squad will present your object or activity hacks to Museum Hack’s VIP Guides. Afterwards, you and your squad will gather for lunch to assess your performances.  

You’ll then get a short break before presenting your tour to the public during a special Museum Hack beta tour for paying guests from our early adopter list.  Then we’ll gather all the squads together for coffee to assess your performance, give you great takeaways, and chat with members of our senior staff.

You’ll return to your museum trained in Museum Hacking, ready to engage new audiences, tell amazing stories, and infuse your museum with all that Museum Hack awesomeness.  One month after your Boot Camp, your coach will conduct a one-on-one call to reinforce learnings and discuss any further concerns you may have.

All hands in for museums!

Ready for the challenge?  Reserve your slot now to join our exclusive Boot Camp for Museum Professionals in New York City!

Eventbrite - Museum Hack Boot Camps in NYC 2016

Cost per participant includes all museum admissions and entrance fees, attendance to our VIP Night Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and our AMNH Saturday morning tour to see how we do it live, lunch on Saturday and coffee on Sunday.  Participants are responsible for all other related costs, including travel and lodging.

Registration is limited to twelve participants per workshop.  Tickets are available on a first-come first-serve basis only, up to 7 days prior to the scheduled event dates.

Scholarships are not available.  For suggested assistance in paying for our Boot Camps, see our blog post on grants available for museum professional development. 

Want a Boot Camp for 5 or more staff?

For questions on providing a customized boot camp or professional development workshop for five or more of your museum’s staff, please contact us.

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