New #artbitch Sunglasses for Private Bachelorette Party in New York

Renegade Tours

Our savvy and amazing private museum tour guides came up with the idea to give our bachelorette party groups a custom set of sunglasses that they can wear in the museum during their VIP tours with us.

Bachelorette tour wearing our Artbitch sunglasses

“We played a game in which at any point during the tour if they saw me or Kelly with the #Artbitch glasses on the last person to follow suit had to do a ten second dance in the style of the bachelorette’s choosing. They were BOUT IT.”
Dustin Growick, Tour Guide at Museum Hack

fritchachild Instagram wearing our artbitch sunglasses

(See this on Instagram)

“Thanks to our guides, our bachelorette party day in NY started off with a great tour of the Met. All of us had a blast laughing and learning all at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something special to do…or just something different for even the most jaded of New Yorkers.
-Kim W., Bachelorette Party GuestΒ 

#artbitch glasses

Find out more about the Bachelorette Parties we’ve previously hosted, or more information here.Β 


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