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Museum Hack Mythbusters: How We Can Help Your Museum, Big or Small

We’ve written about how we think small museums are #MiniButMighty, but… well, but! We hear a lot of buts! Museum Hack, we’d love to have you work with us, but… Let’s mythbust the top reasons why you might think we can’t help your institution, big or small.

Nine Museums to Visit in the UK: An Infographic

Whether you’re there for a proper cup of tea, a real football match, or Her Majesty, The Queen herself, when in the UK make sure to check out the marvelous museums. Here are nine you don’t want to miss! Want more museum infographics? Check out 10 Cool Canadian Museums and Awesome US Museum Facts.

A Close Look at AMNH’s Museum Membership Solicitation Letter

Membership letters are the staple of small and large museums. Members provide reliable support, attend new exhibits and are more likely to donate. Although there are endless possibilities, museums use a familiar format when writing membership letters: solicitation and renewal letters. Today, we’re looking at how the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) writes their Keep Reading

Beyond the Buzzword: Analyzing Museum Language

Every organization establishes a vocabulary of jargon or special terminology. But why do buzzwords get so popular? How do we define them collectively? ‘Beyond the Buzzword,’ a session at AAM 2017, brought current museum buzzwords to the table to examine and understand them in an effort to use these words more effectively. Each presenter, moderated by Keep Reading

What Can Your Museum Learn from India?

From conferences to traveling exhibitions to awards, the museum industry’s center of gravity seems firmly established in the U.S., France, the U.K., and other Western countries. Yet we’re missing out on great ideas and compelling stories by not engaging fully with our non-Western colleagues. The map of amazing museums stretches far beyond North America and Europe.

10 More Museum Grants to Pump Up Your Programming

We’ve rounded up a list of museum grants before, but there are so many options when it comes to finding funding. Many of the museums we work with use grants for our collaboration. Museums also use grants to update their programming or participate in professional development. Here’s a list of ten grants that may help your museum.

A Recap of AAM 2017, from an #AAMSMJ

At this year’s annual conference, the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) awarded fellowships to social media journalists to follow and report from the floor in St. Louis. Our own Julia Kennedy from our Marketing + Audience Development teams worked with 10 other journalists to help spark and boost the conversation online. Here are some of Julia’s thoughts on being an Keep Reading

Infographic: Tweets Heard ‘Round The World

Twitter – the unexpected place to be for museums and museum professionals. It’s become such an important platform for facilitating museum communication that the American Alliance of Museums created the role of ‘Social Media Journalist’ at their annual conference to help keep conversation flowing, give unique perspectives, and curate content for those following along at Keep Reading