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We wanted to share with you some of the great ideas from the article: Museums: Temples  of Delight published by The Economist. We love how it gives clear and concise answers to how museums can adapt to meet the demands of new audiences. We have summarized the major ideas, and added a bit of color to make it really eye catching. Download the PDF now.

Temples of Delight title slide

Temples of Delight - Museums used to stand for something old, dusty, boring and barely relevant to real life

Temples of Delight - Those kinds of places still exist, but there are far fewer of them. The more successful ones have changed.

Temples of Delight - Old View

Temples of Delight - New View

Pompidou Centre in Paris

Temples of Delight - Pompidou Centre in Paris example

Temples of Delight - Many museums have been transformed from Restrained Containers to Exuberant Companions

Temples of Delight - People don't look in awe, now they learn and argue, as they would at universities or art schools

Temples of Delight - In the past 20 years, the number of museums has grown from 23000 to 55000 globally

Sources of American museum funding graphic

Temples of Delight - Surveys show that better-educated people are more likely to be museum-goers.  They want to see where they fit in the wider world and look to museums for guidance.

Younger and wiser: Demographic profiles of core museum visitors

Temples of Delight - Museums can be authentic and intriguing for young people when their electronic entertainments start to pall

Temples of Delight - In 2012 American museums attracted 850m visitors - more than all the big-league sporting events and theme parks combined

Temples of Delight - Big museums at full capacity, local museums have strong community support, but history museums are less popular than other attractions

Temples of Delight - Enchant visitors rather than lecture them

Temples of Delight - Offer narratives to exhibitions, provide a context for objects, link them to other people and places

Temples of Delight Get digital - enable visitors to participate as well as watch and listen

Temples of Delight - Create innovative programs to bring in new and young audiences

Temples of Delight - Modern visitors need to be entertained - they will drift away unless museums can connect with them

Temples of Delight credits

The original article, “Temples of Delight“ was written by Fiammetta Rocco, Books and Arts Editor for The Economist.

Want to keep your own version? You can download the PDF. Or if you loved this and would like to see more, check out our other articles.

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