Museums Can Change—Will They?

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Michael O’Hare of the University of California, Berkeley recently did a podcast interview with EconTalk’s Russ

Roberts where he frankly talked about the management of art museums.

The talk was inspiring- there were a lot of fascinating ideas aimed at changing the way we think about museum collections.

We went back to Michael O’Hare’s article “Museums Can Change–Will They?” and summarized it for you in this slider.

Download your own version of this summary here.

Museums can change, will they title slide

When people visit major art museums they don't usually think of the massive amounts of art that the museum keeps in storage

Museums On the contrary the typical visitor is usually preoccupied with trying to see as many masterpieces as possible after paying a steep suggested entry fee

Museums mission statements

Museums engaging with art help grow visitor population

Art Museums are big businesses tax exempt social value

Art museums significant profit no

Museums measure financial productivity ROE net value

Museums ROE Art institute of Chicago less than 1%

Museums unmentioned assets worth

Museums art collection valuation data

Museums sold lesser artwork equal endow free admission forever

Museums art accessibility

Museums have no-sale provision attached to art

Museums financial capital artwork hoarding fraud and abuse

Museums does art serve a purpose

Museums have responsibility to contribute social value to society in the form of art accessibility

Museums culture is deep and ingrained

Museums can change will they credits


We were inspired by this podcast: Michael O’Hare on Art Museums

Original article written by Michael O’Hare, published by Democracy Journal.

Special thanks to Jared Ozga who create this article summary for Museum Hack.

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