Why Museums Could Hold The Secret To Doing Better Work (And Having A Better Life)

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Museums are amazing in so many ways, and science has given us one more huge reason to love them. In a recent article, Samantha Cole explains why museums offer concrete health benefits that can help improve our personal and professional lives.

Recent studies have shown that museums and cultural centers can help boost public health, and patrons are beginning to recognize that value. This is good news for those of us who already love these great institutions and what they offer, and want to encourage our friends, families, and coworkers to take a trip to the museum.Β  Read on to find out how museums can improve your life.

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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but could a trip to a museum have a similar impact on your health? A recent study out of University College London says yes. It’s not the first time research has shown how valuable museums can be - and how good we feel when we visit them. A 2010 study published in Curator showed that museums are a restorative environment.  They allow visitors to destress and relax in a place outside their normal day-to-day hustle. Even more interesting? People are starting to realize how awesome it is to spend time in a museum. A study out of the London School of Economics showed that people are starting to buy in.  Respondents valued the worth of museum visits at double what they valued playing sports. A trip to the museum can offer tons of other benefits, too.  Have a particularly bad case of writer's block? Just can't seem to get the creativity flowing? Your local museum might just be able to help with that. Not quite convinced yet this might be just the refreshing experience you need? Consider the impact of museums on our economy.  The American Alliance of Museums pegs museums as providing a $21 billion boost to the economy every year.  And with museums providing jobs to more than 400,000 people across the country, why not support these incredible institutions? Who knows? You may like what you find! Concluding slide with Museum Hack information

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How A Grown-Up Field Trip to a Museum Can Improve Your Work (And Life)” by Samantha Cole was originally published on FastCompany.com on May 7, 2014.Β 

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