Your museum has an awesome collection and you’ve put together an amazing visitor experience, but your hard work can’t pay off until your audience knows what’s up. We’ve put together our best marketing tips and tricks so you can learn from our great ideas (and our not-so-great ideas). Your museum is awesome; it’s time to make sure people know about it.

Meme-Making 101

What do you meme? Museum Hack social media champion Hayley Milliman shares her tips for making memes.

Infographic: 10 Museum Mascots To Follow On Twitter

More and more museums are creating online personas for their onsite mascots. It’s a smart move in a variety of ways. Besides being fun, it’s an easy way to drop knowledge online in a unique way, and respond to some admiring fans. It also shows off that your museum is

Infographic: Social Media Do’s and Don’t’s

Reaching new museum audiences starts with marketing, and that can be a real challenge.  Here at Museum Hack, we’ve been experimenting with social media on a variety of platforms since we started in 2013 and we know there are a few key things can help you clear an effective path

How Small Museums Can Embrace Guerrilla Marketing

Here at Museum Hack, we believe small museums are superheroes! You can read our article Mini But Mighty to learn more about why we think this! In honor of small museums, we thought we’d focus on marketing tips specifically for small museums. Hannah Hethmon, the Membership Marketing Coordinator at AASLH,

Love Museums? 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For The Museum Professional

As a museum professional, you know reaching new museum audiences can be a marketing challenge.  But before you even get to connecting with them, you need to understand the platforms and tools at your disposal — social media and Facebook marketing can be challenging to work with.  Museum Hack has been

Win Free Social Media Marketing for Your Museum’s Next Event!

Curious how to leverage social media to attract new audiences?  Have a fun event later this year that you want to sell out? We’re giving away a fully paid social media marketing campaign!   You’ll work with our experts in millennial marketing to promote one of your museum’s upcoming events