Curating the Museum Shopping Experience: Are You $elling Your Mu$eum $hort?

In almost every museum you will likely find a store selling various products promoting the museum, like postcards, stationery, books, etc. The museum store generally is associated with buying a memento of the museum experience, to remind or tell visitors that they were there. Some stores even stock unique products

5 Pretty Simple Ways to Increase Your Museum’s Revenue

Museums are awesome, but they are often strapped for cash. With limited funding and big operating costs, money can be the biggest barrier museums face when trying to bring cool ideas to life. That’s why we think getting creative with revenue streams is a great idea. There’s more to generating

Museum Squad Goals vs. Museum Roles

Curatorial, Events, Programs, Education, Conservation, Sponsorship, Visitor Services…museums all over the world have diverse collections and diverse organizational structures. In some museums, one person may be what three people are in another museum and some museums may not have any staff.