Museum Case Studies

We’ve traveled to museums around the world to help them problem solve and implement our strategies for successful engagement. Our case studies detail our work with these institutions. Why did they call us? What did we do for them? And, mostly important, did our methods work?

How We Tell the Fascinating Stories at the Heart of the Civil War

Stepping into a museum is a transcending experience, and for good reason. In a moment, you can go from the bustling city street to a quiet temple devoted to the richest collection of history we have. On your left are REAL dinosaur bones, fragments of a time we didn’t even know

Client Success Story: The Canadian Museum of Nature

Sometimes museums have it tough. National museums with large budgets are actually stretched thin because they have to appeal to domestic donors AND international audiences. A museum that is successful enough to be a known “tourist destination” is still competing with other major destinations. If you have just one afternoon

Connecting Cultures, Connecting People, Connecting Teams

Mark Kennedy is Museum Hack’s VIP Sales Manager & Outreach Hacker.  He works directly with companies, from small businesses to large corporations, to build custom experiences for their teams.  Recently, he built an amazing team building experience for a leading internet advertising agency that focused on connecting cultures. Today, he