Museum Case Studies

We’ve traveled to museums around the world to help them problem solve and implement our strategies for successful engagement. Our case studies detail our work with these institutions. Why did they call us? What did we do for them? And, mostly important, did our methods work?

Alum Update: Fantastic, Unbelievable, and Definitely Not-Ordinary!

Earlier this year we got to work with one of the most unique sites we’ve encountered: Roosevelt Campobello International Park – that’s right, international, as in run by both the US and Canada! Historic homes and park sites have different sets of challenges from most museums, but what works really well

Boot Camp Alum Update: A Wacky Walking Tour With the Watkins Museum

Something magical happened for Abby Magariel, Education and Programs Coordinator at the Watkins Museum of History in Lawrence, KS, at our Audience Engagement Boot Camp. She tells it like this: I realized the Met was “mine,” and that I had special knowledge about some of the works on display. I