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We love reading news and opinions from the museum field.  As an avid subscriber to museum industry blogs and journals, we see these communities discussing great ideas and putting them into practice.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recent articles that have practical ideas on creating more engaging, inviting museum experiences.  Read on to find out how you can put these ideas into practice in your organization.

There’s No Law that Says Art Museums Have to Be Pretentious

Gregory Rodriguez, founder of Zocalo Public Square, captivated us with his recent op-ed on the purpose of art and art museums.  As he stated, “In other words, you shouldn’t appreciate art for beauty or ideas alone, but for the way it helps you connect with the creator, whose pains and pleasures, insights and insecurities, might very well teach you something about your own.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Read the full article here.

What can museums learn from agencies serving immigrants and what can they offer to newcomer audiences?

In the city of Toronto, 50% of the population was born in a different country.  Marta Keller, an arts administrator, explores how Canada is (and is not) addressing the needs of recent immigrants, and she invites museums to reconsider their role in welcoming newcomers to their countries.  Though museums around the world strive to attract tourists and engage their communities, immigrants are largely left out of their marketing and programming.  What can museums learn from agencies already serving the immigrant community?  How can museums become spaces of inclusion and relationship building?

Read the full article here.

How We’ve Got It Wrong About the Arts

Recently, the Arts and Humanities Research Council released a comprehensive report on the societal assumption that arts are beneficial.  Understanding the Value of Arts and Culture is an incredible report that revealed one startling fact: our assumptions about the arts aren’t backed by hard empirical evidence.  Yet, there is hope.  As Ivan Hewett points out in his analysis of the report, just because there isn’t hard evidence does not mean benefits don’t exist.  His discussion of art as a “capricious god” is well worth a read as we try to scientifically prove art’s value to the world.

Read the full article here.

Team Detective: What’s Your Team’s Spirit?

As a museum consultant, Linda Norris has a keen eye towards what works – and doesn’t work – in museums.  Recently, she explored how team building is useful for museums looking to foster creativity, inclusion, and – ultimately – organizational change.  Check out her tips on how your team can better collaborate in the museum space.

Read the full article here.

Want help implementing these ideas? Contact us to learn how we can help re-imagine your museum to bring in new audiences and re-energize existing ones.

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