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Museum tours aren’t for everyone and they’re probably not the first thing that comes to mind as a fun, engaging team building activity that will actually have your employees enjoying themselves. At least, that may have been true before Museum Hack, but we’re working to change those ideas.

As our motto goes, we do museum tours for people who don’t like museums, and that’s true of our company team building events too. So, when a well-known national delicatessen contacted us and mentioned their skepticism about team building in a museum, we jumped at the chance to show them just how awesome the experience can be.

A team gets ready for an awesome time.
A team gets ready for an awesome time.

A Custom Experience — This is Not One Size Fits All

We got to work planning an amazing event for this group of close to 20 delicatessen employees. Our first step to ensure a successful event is to connect our tour guides with the company contact to make sure everyone is on the same page before we get to the museum. We like to chat ahead of the event to make sure we have a firm grip on company goals, needs, and expectations for team building. We firmly believe that no two team building events should look exactly alike. There’s always something unique in our events for each company we take on tour to ensure the best experience possible.

For this event, we decided to run a private version of our special VIP evening tour at the Met while customizing it to include unique team building activities optimized to this company’s specific needs. The twilight hours add just a bit more magic to what’s already an incredible museum – something we wanted to take advantage of with our group of museum tour skeptics.

Living sculptures during Museum Hack tour
A team has an amazing time in the museum as living sculptures.

The two-hour tour whisked the guys off to see all of the best kept secrets the Met has to offer. We split the group into two smaller teams for a more personalized experience with their coworkers and guides. We revealed the hidden, scandalous, and sometimes downright strange stories behind the objects and art that most museum tour guides don’t want to share.

While the stories alone are often enough to intrigue even the most difficult-to-impress museum visitor, we took the group’s team building tour to new levels with several games designed to break the ice and get everyone talking, laughing, and looking at the art in new, inspiring ways. We led our famed photo challenge, turning the teams loose on the museum to discover the best object that fits the chosen theme (in this case, the best item that meshed with deli products) with a prize for the winner.

It wouldn’t have been a complete team building evening without a glass of wine in the museum cafe and a scavenger hunt. The group was broken down into small teams before they went head-to-head in a fun competition to see who could check off the most items on the scavenger hunt list the fastest – but accuracy still counted.

At the end of the night, we sent the group home with lots of fun memories with their colleagues and some fantastic Polaroid photos from their challenges.

Another team participates in the fun photo challenge.
Another team participates in the fun photo challenge.

“Most of them were dreading doing a museum tour.”

 The group came into the museum skeptical about our promise to make it the most fun they’ve ever had inside a museum. A few days after the tour, we received a message from the company’s tour organizer asking to speak with one of our managers.

“Normally, I’m not afraid to speak my mind when it comes to going to things I don’t like. I complain happily,” he said, then he paused. “But I also call when I think people have done a good job, and your fab four ladies did an incredible job with my guys. Gave us shit, made it fun, most of them were dreading doing a museum tour and I was very skeptical. Couldn’t have been happier with how it went, your people are doing something really special.”

Still not sure a museum tour is right for your team? Give us a call at 1-800-210-9676 and let us show you how our museum tours strike the perfect balance of being tons of fun while still accomplishing your company’s team building goals.


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