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Two weeks ago, Williams College Museum of Art hired Museum Hack to take over their museum for a special evening event. We conducted extensive campus outreach to students and the local population to spread the word. It was so fantastic that we wanted to share with you a few videos from the event that help explain a bit about what we do.

“I would recommend that anybody work with Museum Hack”

“It was excellent. It was so much fun. Very funny, beautiful to watch and observe the people engage with the show. Its fabulous…She had them embody the art and engage with these very complex concepts of the show, and did it with ease, and made sure everyone had fun. It was fabulous. I would recommend that anybody work with Museum Hack”
Maurita Poole, Mellon Curatorial Fellow for Diversity in the Arts, Curator of Fathi Hassan: Migration of Signs

“I’m in love with you all!”

Here is a quote from the video:

“I’m in love with you all! Because I’ve never seen so many smiling engaged people in this museum in my whole two years here.”
-Sonnet Coggins, Associate Director for Academic and Public Engagement


Workshop Snap Shot

“It’s going to be SUPER AWESOME!”
-Mark Kennedy, Associate Staff Manager at Museum Hack

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