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Our VIP Night Tours show you the Met in a way 99% of the world will never see it. Even if you’ve been to the world’s largest art gallery before, we can almost guarantee you haven’t seen it like this.

There are a couple things that make this tour different from our other tours. First off, there is wine. Great start. Next are the scandalous, salacious, sexy stories – expertly told – by your friendly guides. Not bad, but that’s not the best thing about this tour. The best thing is seeing Met at night. It has a completely different vibe. It is calm, romantic, and beautiful.


Imagine this: The Great Hall is empty. It’s just you, a small group of VIP’s, and your guides. The sculptures are glowing gold, lit for effect, in the mostly dark galleries. You stroll amongst the masterpieces in an easy quietness. There are no tourists, no school groups, nothing to distract you from the greatest art on earth. It is a magical experience. And the night is still young enough to take on a myriad of adventures. To say the least, our evening night tours are unique, and really rather special. 


“We went on a VIP tour of the Met Museum and had a spectacular experience. I’m a New Yorker and have been to the Met countless times. The guides are intelligent, passionate, hilarious, and great at tailoring the tour to the group’s interests. They took us to parts of the Met I had never ventured to, and told us the fascinating stories behind under-appreciated pieces I normally wouldn’t stop to look at. It was also very special to experience the Met in the evening, when it was quiet and calm. I would recommend Museum Hack to anyone willing to learn, participate, and have a great time!”
-C. Florian (Guest on Tour)


There are a million things you could do on any given night in NYC, but we offer an uncommon and individual experience. Join us for a night you will never forget. 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  


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Interested in coming on a VIP Night Tour with us? Check the next available tour times. 

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