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We make the Met sexy. Unconventional, seductive and classy, our private Bachelorette Parties are for women who are after something completely different. What sets our Bachelorette parties apart? We’ve found a perfect blend of culture, wine and humour.

“Our bachelorette tours are awesome because they provide the feeling of a saucy, wild night, but do so in a classy and cultural way. I love leading these tours because guests usually show up ready for the sexiest, raunchiest, most scandalous facts the Museum has to offer. Most of my tours get a taste of scandal, but I really get to go crazy with stories on bachelorette tours. ”

-Jessye,  Tour Guide for Museum Hack

We can customize the event for you, depending on the brides specific style and desires. Do you know her favourite pieces or art? We can include them on the tour. Maybe a selection of the finest butts at the Met? We know where to find them. 

“We had a fun, classy, but super silly evening with our guides who pulled out all the (wine) stops to show us a fantastic time. I would definitely recommend booking a Bachelorette tour with these guys if you’re ever looking for something that is classically New York, while being tremendously unique!”

-Laura P. (read her full review here)

(Jessye, our resident expert think the #1 best butt in the Met belongs to Perseus with the Head of Medusa in Petrie Court)

Planning a Bachelorette Party and think this would suit the bride to a t? Find out more here

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