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Nick Gray is charming and loves museums

A little bit about how Museum Hack started: Nick Gray, the founder of this renegade museum tour company, had already been living in NYC for years. One night, a lovely young woman took him on an incredibly romantic date at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and completely changed the way he thought about the Museum. They went from something just for tourists to something that every New Yorker could be amazed by. 

Recently, Museum Hack Tours were listed as one of the top things to do in NYC by the Wall Street Journal. Whether you are a tourist, an expat, or a native New Yorker: experiencing the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a way that is fun and amazing is a must! 

Michelle Yee in front of George WAshington Crossing the Delaware

Here is an excerpt from the article on the WSJ Blog:

…On the subject of museums, what about trying a Museum Hack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If the idea of visiting a museum with a collection of more than two million works of art is somewhat overwhelming, this alternative tour allows you to get to know weird and wonderful stories about a handful of objects and artworks in the museum.

You might not see the traditional highlights (Museum Hack’s pitch is the un-highlights tour), but you get the stories of works that you would walk straight past if you were showing yourself around.

If, like me, you aren’t someone who usually takes organized tours, give this one a go. The only problem is, any future museum tour you take will seem dull after this one.

Sarah Marshall, writer for the Wall Street Journal

Read the full article: “Going Native in NYC: 8 Things to Do as an Expat in the Big Apple

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Apart from our public tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we offer tours and team building events at the: 

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art VIP Night Tours: The Met is an amazing backdrop for an event. It is brimming with stories and history to energize and engage your team.
  • American Museum of Natural History:  Dinosaurs and stories about crazy adventurers, these events are perfect for the team that f**ing loves science.
  • Brooklyn Museum: Get your game on! Our themed scavenger hunt is a crazy amount of fun. Prizes included. 
  • Rubin Museum: This museum is a hidden gem in Chelsea. Our events blend moments of deep inspiration with super fun games and storytelling.
  • National Gallery in Washington, D.C.: Some of the nations best and most treasured art is housed in this world class gallery. Our art tour is completely not boring; it is fast paced and interactive.

  • De Young, San Francisco It’s the most visited art museum west of the Mississippi, and we will show it to you in a way that you will never forget.

Lia telling stories
Are you ready to take on the museum in a completely new and fun way? Find out more about our public tours. If you are looking for a more personal experience of the museum, email us or click the big button below for more information about booking a private VIP tour of the museum. 

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