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It has been a few weeks since the 180 delegates from 35 countries met at the 3rd edition of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting in Munich, including our very own Jessye Herrell. The meeting was a blend of talks and meetings, which explored the topic: the future of museums.  There was a lot of interest in Museum Hack. Jessye was one of the key speakers at the event, and in her presentation she talked about what makes Museum Hack different. (Read her article on The 7 Reasons Museum Hack Tours are Different)

The main ideas were:

  • We want our guests to have a positive experience more than we want them to walk away with cold, hard facts. To have that moment ofoh my god – I’m having FUN in a MUSEUM.”
  • We don’t come from the art/museum world, and don’t pretend to – we connect with the public on a level playing field.
  • We want to bring a new audience to museums.

“The organizers are keen on keeping it a “meeting” rather than a conference. The focus was to make it an opportunity for people working in the touring exhibitions world to have an opportunity to speak with one another about ideas. The meeting was exciting, thought provoking, and inspiring.“ -Jessye Herrell, on the TEM Meeting 2014

Instead of a conference review TEM produced a conference video, which is available here.

“Most of us who organize touring exhibitions or work in a museum or art centre face the incredible challenge of creating interesting guided tours that are educational as well as fun. Museum Hack is a company that tackles just that: The creation of fun, educational and sassy tours aimed at people who are interested in the arts, but who have found regular museum tours either intimidating or too boring for their taste.” TEM on Museum Hack (Read the full article)

Jessye also made sure to note the fun stuff!

“There were delicious beers, pretzels, and weisswurst! I saw some Bavarian highlights, including a man in lederhosen yodeling, a German band playing in the square at Marienplatz in traditional dress, and many biergartens.” -Jessye Herrell

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