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The latest episode of the Preservation Technology Podcast is out – and we’re in it!  The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training’s Jason Church interviewed Ethan Angelica and Diana Montano about how Museum Hack is changing the way we view museums.

In the interview, Ethan and Diana discuss the services we offer for museums, such as our upcoming Boot Camps in New York City.  They also discussed the rigorous two-to-three month process that our tour guides go through in order to become Museum Hackers:

“I think one [reason it takes to much time], is that guides are empowered to create their own route. We give them training in storytelling, we give them training in tour structure, we give them training in what we call scaffolding, which is our techniques to create a museum tour as being a fully social experience, but then they are tasked with building it themselves. We give them the toolkit, they have to build the castle.

They’re having to spend hours and hours in the museums doing their own research, developing content that they are really excited and passionate about so that they maintain that sense of energy and joy and wonder and inspiration that they have throughout the entire museum experience.”

Diana Montano, Tour Operations and Project Coordinator, in front of armor at the Met
Diana Montano, Tour Operations and Project Coordinator.

Because of this process, no two Museum Hack tours are alike.  Giving our guides the freedom to create their own passionate, energy-filled adventures allows our guests the opportunity to discover many different stories within the museum, no matter how many tours they attend.  As Ethan stated, this brings something entirely new to the museum experience, and offers museums a new source of audience development:

“What museums really respond to and get out of the experience is we essentially act as a revenue drive and an audience drive for them. We’re reaching out to an audience that may not necessarily be attracted to the current offering that the museum has and we’re offering an additional access point. We’re reaching out, saying, “If this seems interesting, why don’t you come and try this with us,” with the goal that we’re sort of hyping up the museums so much that they’re so excited that they want to come back on their own and bring their friends and start that relationship with the institution. We’re not poaching people who are already coming. Everybody who comes to a Museum Hack tour is coming as part of a pre-purchased experience, meaning they reached out and came with us. We didn’t grab them as they were walking into the museum.

In many ways, that is really positive, but also we do bring revenue for a lot of the museums that we work with, it’s a donation to get into the museums. Through their group services departments, we’re paying the full museum admission, which can be as much as a third of our ticket price. In many ways we’re not only bringing these groups, new audience and people who might have been dubious about the experience initially, but we’re also bringing them a decent source of income, which I know is very inspiring for me. Museums tend to like those two things, I tend to find. That’s when we get a lot of positive feedback from them.”

Ethan Angelica in front of his favorite painting at the Met.
Ethan Angelica, Tour Guide and VIP Partnerships Coordinator.

Read the full transcript of “Going Exploring with Museum Hack” or download listen to the podcast here.  Special thanks to Kevin Ammons and Jason Church of the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training for this great opportunity.

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