Can you do Museum Hack in other cities? How about at other museums?

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Short answer: Yes! But not yet. Email [email protected] to ask about booking a private tour in any city.

Long answer: We would love to expand to additional museums in New York and other cities. But for now, we are laser focused on creating a sustainable business giving people AWESOME tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We want to grow, but first we have to get a solid footing and a steady revenue stream to pay our bills.

In New York City, we are looking at eventually adding tours at the Natural History Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, MoMA, and a few other museums.

To grow to a new city is a bit more complicated. Hack the MOCA in LA and Museum Hack Louvre are high on our Wish List.

We plan to offer regular tours in other cities only when we can guarantee an awesome, repeatable experience for visitors. Until then, you can hire us for private tours in any city – just email [email protected] to discuss.

For notifications about when we add new cities, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or sign up for our mailing list (form at the bottom of our home page).

Edit: We’re now offering tours at the Natural History Museum and in other major cities, including Washington, D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco! Check out our private and team building offerings for the latest information on where we’re touring! 

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