Museum Hack Hacks Freer Sackler Galleries’ Third Thursday

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In June, four members of Museum Hack’s team took over the Freer Sackler’s Third Thursday – a monthly event where the museum stays open late for the public. Freer Sackler Third Thursday peacock gallery It also happened to be a rare occasion when the museum opens up the shutters in the famous Peacock Room – a gilded dining room designed by American artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler. The natural light from the open shutters literally makes the room glitter. In addition, another related work is on view in the Sackler galleries – Filthy Lucre – a contemporary response by Darren Waterston. All in all, it was a pretty busy night.

Freer Sackler Third Thursday red gallery

Our event featured four stations where guests experience unique stories, performances, giveaways, activities and games.  Our guides brought the space alive with humor and accessible experiences based on the art.

Freer Sackler Third Thursday portraits

With trademark Museum Hack creativity, our guides sought out different stories and found the unique and the unusual embedded in the objects and the people associated with them.  We stationed the guides in and among the exhibitions, leading brief Hacked tours, performing short theatrical pieces, taking #PeacockSelfies while learning about Whistler and his lady friends and even pulling people away to the far corners of the galleries to tell them salacious backstories. To top it all off, we handed out over 500 glowsticks to the excited guests – creating a literally vibrant experience!

Freer Sackler Third Thursday technology

Thank you for helping make the evening a huge success we loved working with you all. Hope that it won’t be the last time Museum Hack works with us. -Lee Glazer, Curator at Freer Sackler

Freer Sackler Third Thursday tweet

“I think the thing I was most impressed with was the ability of our Museum Hack staff to arrive in a new location with very little prep, chat with curators, do some research and produce a truly jaw-dropping event. We obsess over this kind of stuff – experience is pretty much all we do – and seeing Hackers performing at their peak and blowing people’s minds in a space that is new to them makes me incredibly happy.” -Ethan Angelica, head of VIP Partnerships for Museum Hack

Freer Sackler Third Thursday Museum hack team Freer Sackler Third Thursday Museum hack goofy

Here is a quick video testimonial from the event:   

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