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Museum Hack Featured on Fox 5:

Fox 5 has posted a great short feature on Museum Hack. after they went on a VIP Tour with our fantastic guide, Jessye. They talk a little bit about what Museum Hack does, and what makes our contemporary tours so much fun. 

Work it!  Living pictures in gallery

The clip explains a bit about what we do at Museum Hack. We tell you the secrets the museum might not want you to know. The whole idea is to make the museum fun, with splashes of humor, scandal and games. 

“If you are a native New Yorker, you’ve probably walked the halls of the Met countless times, but this isn’t your typical museum tour.”
-Teresa Pirola, Fox 5 News

We especially liked the part in the clip where Teresa carefully quotes Jessye’s bag, using a well timed clearing of the throat. The truth is we aren’t afraid to use colorful language. Tony Robbins taught us that it can be effective to use shocking language intentionally; and he takes his lead from Sigmund Freud. Robbins writes, “Freud discovered that in every culture there are words which are considered taboo: words that are rarely spoken aloud, but, when they are, produce a dynamic transformation.”  We believe it also gives people permission to be themselves. 

“You just get some color that you wouldn’t get if you were walking around the museum by yourself.”
-Museum Hack Guest

Nick leads a Museum Hack tour

“Our whole schtick is getting people into the museum who think that they are not going to like it, and showing them that they can have a fun time in the museum.”
-Jessye, Museum Hack Tour Guide

Our goal is to make museums accessible. We like to get excited about art, and then get people excited about what we are excited about. We like to break down the barriers that people have regarding museums, and make them see that they are filled to the brim with fascinating stories, our collective history shared through paintings and objects.

Interested in coming on a tour with us? Find out more about our VIP Tours. Or read about other press we have received.

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