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Nick Gray discusses his favorite piece at the Met

Bench wrote a fantastic article about how Museum Hack was started, and some advice on finding your businesses niche. Journalist Karyn Polewaczyk sat down with founder Nick Gray to talk about what makes Museum Hack tours so special. Read the full article “Art Interrupted: Meet Nick Gray”

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Excerpt from the article: 

Looking back, Nick says he wouldn’t have changed any part of his process in growing Museum Hack to what it is today—bumps, bruises, and all—and that “perfection is the enemy of done,” advice given to him in the early stages of his career that he also offers to other entrepreneurs regardless of their fields.

“There’s a lot of pressure to develop a perfect thing, or to only do a tour, for example, when it’s 100% perfect, and you know all the facts to a T—but we just like to throw it out there and revise as we go as needed.”

“It’s the same for our marketing and how we hire and train people. Too many entrepreneurs spend a lot of time preparing for takeoff. And when they do that, they’re not interacting with the market.”

Ultimately, Museum Hack isn’t simply about tours, or even art: it’s about connection. From customers to employees, even the museums themselves, Nick’s dedication to engaging and connecting people through experience and making them feel something in the process is a work of art unto itself.

Read the full article: “Art Interrupted: Meet Nick Gray”

Museum Hack is a fast moving business, and we love sharing our views and experiences  about starting a new business outside of the museum sector. Our model is to successfully bring in new museum audiences.  We love sharing our ideas!

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