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Jessye Herrell

Museum Hack’s Jessye Herrell hosted a Unhighlights tour recently with ArtNet News. They’ve made a great feature video about the tour, called “Museum Hack: Making Museum Tours Entertaining, Even Sexy” Watch the full video. We love how fast paced it is and how it captures the un-boringness of our tours. 

We love to talk about the fun, sexy or just plain fascinating objects in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (we also do tours of the American Museum of Natural History.)  With over 2 million pieces in the collection and 270,000 on display, it is easy to get overwhelmed- so we keep our tours fast and fresh, with a variety stories and activities, that we customize for each group. 

“Much like how college lectures can desperately shout “make-over!” as students leisurely browse Facebook instead of ferociously taking notes,Museum Hack heard tour visitors’ cries and re-did the traditional monotonous museum tour. They engage visitors with photo challenges as well as hilarious, salacious, and often unusual stories about the museum’s legendary archives…Museum Hack tours are definitely the most entertaining and truly unconventional museum tours out there.”
Christie Chu, ArtNet News

Guests on tour

“We try to blend museum education with theatre with a little bit of youth culture to cultivate a more exciting, different experience to engage visitors.”
Jessye Herrell, Tour Guide for Museum Hack

High five to Art Net for writing a great article about us- we are honoured they came and enjoyed the tour!

Jump for museums!

Check out our upcoming Metropolitan Museum of Art Un-Highlights Tour dates, or check out some more blogs and videos we’ve been in. 

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