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At the Museum Hack Boot Camp, you get a behind-the-scenes view of our company and tours. The Boot Camp is a short, intensive, and rigorous set of training sessions geared at overhauling your perspective on how to engage audiences. We will focus heavily on infusing new life into programs, and hacking museum collections.   

During the three-days of intensive training sessions, you will become a “Hacker in Training”– both learning and practicing new methods, and brainstorming ideas specifically for your museum. At the end of the course, your skills will be tested by co-hosting a public Museum Hack tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Surprise and delight your audience with gossip and great storytelling

Here is an example schedule of a Three-Day Boot Camp Course:

Day 1: Hacker in Training

After you arrive in New York City, you will meet with our training staff to discuss the program. To start, you will shadow one of our expert guides as they host a Museum Hack tour. This is your chance to observe the skills used by our guides to engage and re-engage audiences. It is an interactive experience: you will not be just a passive observer! Expect to get involved (the tours are a lot of fun, so don’t be scared.) 

After the tour, you will learn the framework of our approach to talking about collections.  You’ll also begin exploring the museum using your new found skills to hack various objects in the museum.

Tours that leave people in awe

Day 2: Customized Training Day

You will work one-on-one with one of our expert guides to put your storytelling skills into practice.  After you’ve got this down to an art, we will begin to look at the elements that pull an entire tour together. This includes guided, informal research towards creating your own hacks and activities that you will bring back to your museum.

Our team will offer you training on how to:

  • improve your public speaking and performance skills,
  • find objects that will capture the attention of your audience,
  • create your own “hack-style” tour based on elements that can be used in any gallery or museum space.   

Michelle using her storytelling techniques that include personal tech devices

You will meet a few key members of the Museum Hack team, have a conversation about the Museum Hack business model, and look at elements that are applicable to your museum. This is also an opportunity to ask questions that are specific to your museum, and on how to engage new, millennial audiences.  

The day will end by shadowing one our of most experienced guides as they host a VIP Night Tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These are not the standard day-time tours: but are very special, customized small group museum events. Please make sure you bring something classy to wear. 

VIP Night Tours are Classy!

Day Three: Hacking Challenge

The day will start with a guided brainstorming session on how to implement Museum Hack’s techniques and methods in your museum.  We will be focusing on both things you can start doing right away, as well as longer term programs to maximize your exposure to your local audience.  

Next, you will move on to your Hacking Challenge! You will take all the elements you learned for hacking the museums collection and put them into practice. The team will help you rehearse your stories and activities, offer confidence, build feedback, and provide tips before you do them in front of a live, public audience. 

It’s showtime!  You will co-host a public Museum Hack Un-highlights Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You will be working with one of our lead guides and put into practice all the skills you have learned over the past two days. 

Leading a public tour

When you return to your museum, you’ll be expertly trained in museum hacking! Ready to engage new audiences, tell amazing stories, and infuse your museum with a completely new and fresh perspective. 

About a month after your experience, we will organize a check-in with you to find out what has and has not been working from the brainstorming sessions. We will recap and review the things that were covered in the Boot Camp, ask for feedback, and discuss new solutions and ideas.


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