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Do you want to infuse new life into your museum?

Want to bring in new audiences and sources of revenue?

Curious about how to address the needs of Millennials? 

Join us on January 30th for a (free!) webinar outlining what we do, our proven methods, and how we can help your museum. Specifically all about how Social Media and Marketing can bring in new audiences.

Ethan Angelica and Dustin Growick


You’ll learn about our consulting services for museums to infuse new life into programs, hack your collections, train your staff in our unique style, and engage new audiences.  

We’ll help you rethink the traditional museum experience in order to ensure your visitors connect with your collections and with each other, all while having fun in the museum space.

Some of the things we can discuss are:

  • Attracting and engaging millennials,
  • Developing social media and storytelling prowess,
  • Hacking your special events with our renegade tour guides,
  • Creating and implementing team building programs for local businesses,
  • Getting a taste of our Hack strategies by visiting your museum for a day, and
  • Museum Hack’s customized Professional Development workshops and Boot Camp.

Reserve your slot now by clicking the button below:Sign Up Now!

The webinar is free, but spaces are limited!

Our Audience Development team has helped museums around the world engage and re-engage audiences…

Hattiesburg Zoo staff with a giant turtle
The team at Hattiesburg Zoo.

At the Hattiesburg Zoo, we revitalized their programming with our methods for dynamic storytelling.  Our Hackers helped the zoo’s staff develop the skills needed to tell engaging stories and keep audiences coming back for more.  We discussed techniques for high-level audience engagement, such as games and activities that invite audiences to participate in crafting their own memorable zoo experiences. 

Hattiesburg Zoo staff loved the skills they gained and the fun team building we achieved along the way.  By the end of the workshop, it was all hands in for creating the best zoo experience ever:

We’ve also worked with Historic Charleston Foundation, National Park Service, California Academy of Sciences, ASU Art Museum, and other museums to present professional development workshops, VIP events, and more.  

And our methods work!  

Read What Makes an Engaging Art Museum Experience? to see how our methods compare to traditional museum tours.

Be sure to sign up to discuss how we can help your museum breathe new life into programs, exhibits, and professional development. Spots are limited, and are sure to go fast!

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