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The latest issue of Attractions Management is out — and we’re in it!  We’re thrilled for Nick Gray to be featured in their article “People” section.

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In the article, Nick discusses what we do and what makes a successful museum tour.  Read this excerpt to find out more:

“There are three things that make a successful museum tour: guides, games and gossip,” says Gray, who believes today’s audiences have to be entertained before they can be educated.  “We don’t hire guides based on whether they have a PhD in art history.  The most important thing is that they’re great storytellers.”

Guides engage the group with games and activities, and the “gossip” comes from finding out fascinating and unusual facts — the juicy backstories — about the art.

“The tours are two or three times more fast-paced than an ordinary museum tour,” says Gray.  “A lot of our target audience is in the ADD [attention deficit disorder] generation — always on their phones, always going from one thing to another.  So that’s the kind of speed we maintain.”


Museum Hack also offers teambuilding tours, family-friendly tours and tours for big groups like bachelorette parties.  It works with museums around the world to do staff workshops and training programmes.

The company, which now has 24 employees and has hosted about 6,000 people on its tours, has been branching out into other areas and recently invited by a global sports company to train its staff in Museum Hack’s storytelling techniques.


Now it’s about attracting Millennials.  Gray says they have to be engaged at the speed and pace they’re used to — perhaps something the sector can learn from?

“Absolutely! I would love it if museums stole our ideas and put us out of business.  I know that will never happen, but if they did steal our ideas then great.  It’s important to engage fresh audiences with art.”

Read the full article, “Three things make a successful museum tour: guides, games and gossip,” in Attractions Management.

Do you want to develop engaging museum programs for millennials?  We can help!  Learn more about our audience development consulting or email us to discuss how we can help your museum engage and retain millennial audiences.

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