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We’re hacking WCMA at Night! Seven of out sassiest team members, (we are cleverly calling them “Team WCMA”) are heading to Williams College Museum of Art in order to produce their “WCMA at Night” event.

They just threw down a fun, collaborative workshop with members of the education departments of WCMA, the Clark, and MassMoCA. We taught them how to “hack” their space.

The event will be Thursday, January 15th, from 5-8pm. We’ve curated an entire evening’s worth of engaging activities, food, music, and sheer museum awesomeness. Total shout out to Mark and Jessye, for the workshop and Lia, Michelle R. and Jessye for incredible content in the galleries.

“Museum tours for people who don’t like museums.” That’s how the New York City-based organization Museum Hack advertises its unconventional tours of the Met and the Museum of Natural History. Thursday, the Williams College Museum of Art opens its doors at night to these guest hackers, who promise you’ll never look at art in the same way after their tour of WCMA and its collections. The hackers will put an alternative spin on the museum by uncovering strange stories and untold histories about the collections. For the “VIP Treatment,” visitors are advised to register in advance online for one of five small group tours.“
-Times Union

The team has been taking loads of pictures and videos, so stay tuned for more details soon!

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