Museum Case Studies

Museum Hackers live and breathe museums, because we believe museums have the power to change the world.  Our “reverent irreverence” approach has revitalized museums around the world, bringing in new audiences and re-energizing existing ones. 

We don’t just hack museums – we help them re-imagine their visitor experience through passion-based, high-level engagement strategies.  We’ve successfully worked with museums of all types, from history and culture to science to art. 


History & Culture

Shining New Light on Guided Tours

We worked with St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, one of only five surviving light towers in Georgia, to reimagine their guided tour programs for the 21st century and introduce techniques to attract and engage audiences of all ages.

3 New Activities You Can Use at Your Museum

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library needed help revitalizing their programming in order to foster high-level audience engagement.  We took their programs up a notch with custom activities and games that got visitors engaging with their museum – and each other!

Embracing 21st Century Audience Engagement

We conducted a Hack Chat consultation with Hennepin History Museum to brainstorm how they could effectively embrace millennial audiences while on a budget. 

How We Tell the Fascinating Stories at the Heart of the Civil War

How do you engage millennial audiences with vast historical areas and hallowed ground?  We led a professional development workshop on engaging millennials for Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area, showcasing how our “reverent irreverance” approach can inspire new engagement opportunities for historic site visitors.

Creating Engaging Tours with Storytelling

The Historisches Museum Basel in Switzerland wanted to turn their museum tours into adventures.  Our team led a workshop on how storytelling and our “5 Elements of a Hack” can make tours more engaging, address difficult audiences, and draw in new visitors.

Using Passion to Attract New Visitors in Norway

The National Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design in Oslo, Norway, was looking to attract millennial audiences.  We led a professional development workshop with strategies that infused their programming with passion and positivity.

How to Empower Staff with New Ideas for Audience Engagement

The Museums of Mississauga, a collection of heritage buildings showcasing life in nineteenth-century Canada, was seeking new ways to engage audiences.  We led a professional development workshop to empower their staff with fresh ideas and tools.


Science & Nature

How to Create RAWR-some Adult Museum Experiences

The Field Museum was looking to think more deeply about exactly what great adult engagement means.  As one of the world’s greatest natural history museum, The Field Museum has a renowned scientific staff, collections of more than 20 million specimens, and an engaging YouTube show that has skyrocketed this institution into millennial fame.  Yet they were struggling with how to define and develop amazing programs to further engage adult audiences and turn their online fans into museum visitors.  The solution? The Field Museum called Museum Hack to help them reimagine the adult visitor experience.

Ensuring Canada’s Dinosaur Museum Doesn’t Go Extinct

The Royal Tyrrell Museum has one of the world’s biggest collections of fossils, but was struggling to engage audiences that weren’t already science buffs.  Our audience development team led a professional development workshop that helped Royal Tyrrell staff find and use their unique voices to court new museum patrons.

How Team Building and Innovation Revitalized the Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian Museum of Nature wanted to reach a wider audience and create a bigger impact.  We led a presentation and workshop that helped them extend their reach – while getting staff on the same page about how to interpret and tell the stories in their museum. 

Storytelling in the California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences hired us to lead a participatory workshop on how their staff could increase audience engagement.  We demonstrated how storytelling and inquiry-based engagement helps reveal the stories of every specimen, exhibit, and discovery while infusing staff and visitors with passion and energy.

How to Attract and Engage Hard-to-Reach Audiences

Parks Canada protects and interprets a variety of natural parks and historic sites.  They were struggling to bring in millennials and people who didn’t like history.  We conducted customized workshops on how to attract and engage new groups.



Walking in the Footsteps of Gods at Onassis Cultural Center NY

We partnered with the Onassis Cultural Center NY to produce special tours for their exhibition, Gods and Mortals at Olympus: Ancient Dion, City of Zeus.  We helped bring this ancient city – and many artifacts that had never been seen in the United States before – to life.

Increase Engagement by Revitalizing and Empowering Staff

We worked with Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (“PAMA”) to reimagine their collections as they completed a major expansion.  Our Audience Engagement Workshop helped them revitalize their programming and attract new audiences while increasing funding for their continued expansion.

Attracting Millennials to the Asian Art Museum

The Asian Art Museum’s audience was aging, so they wanted to find ways to bring in and develop relationships with new, younger audiences.  We led a workshop for educators, curators, and marketing professionals that interactively discussed how they could attract more millennials through interactive events and storytelling.

Hacking the Freer Sackler Galleries’ Third Thursday

Evening events are a popular way to draw in new audiences, and the Freer Sackler wanted to take it up a notch with our unique style.  We hacked their Third Thursday event to bring the Galleries alive with humor, fun performances and activities, and accessible experiences based on the art.

Hacking the Audio Experience: Museum Hack is part of SFMOMA’s New Tours!

Want to revitalize your audio tours in fun, engaging ways? We worked with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) to reinvent their tours to celebrate the opening of their new building. 


Audience Engagement Boot Camps

Short on funds, but keen to learn our methods?  Consider sending staff to attend our Audience Engagement Boot Camp in New York City! 

These camps, held every few months, help museum professionals develop the skills that empower them to become active facilitators of engaging museum experiences.  By encouraging personal passion and fun, we open the doors for staff to become fully vested in their institutions, connect with audiences in unique and meaningful ways, and bring back skills and tools that they can immediately put into practice at your museum.

Learn more in the Full Report from our June 2016 cohort.