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Museum Hack specializes in renegade tours of major museums across the country.  This isn’t your average museum tour — it’s a high-energy adventure filled with juicy backstories and gossip typically reserved for museum insiders.

Michelle using an iPhone to connect visitors with painting

Things that most visitors pass by come to life through interactive storytelling and fun activities that let our guests be co-creators of their museum experiences.  Whether exploring the secrets of the de Young Museum, the Badass Bitches residing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the jaw-dropping dinosaurs of the American Museum of Natural History, guests of all ages have had interactive, insightful fun as our guests.

Check out these recent testimonials from our newest guests, who started 2016 by discovering that museums are full of amazing stories:

“Loved the Bada– B—hes Tour. Guides Kate and Kate showed a great deal of knowledge, encouraged participation, and filled the two hours to the brim. More of these, please!”

— Courtney W. on our Badass Bitches Tour of the Met via Yelp

Kate discusses women in art during Badass Bitches

“Tour was awesome.  It was interactive in just the right amount, insightful and our tour guide was lots of fun.  I also appreciated seeing parts of the Met that one wouldn’t normally visit or gain insight in.”

— Adam Blau on our Met Un-Highlights Tour, via Vimbly


“This tour was entertaining, uniquely informative, and fun! Our guide, Kate, was charming, personable and knowledgeable. This tour sets a whole new standard for museum goers!”

— ltnickles on our de Young Un-Highlights Tour

Mark and Ethan lead visitors on a fun tour of the de Young Museum in San Francisco

“LOVED Museum Hack! We used them for a work team building event and whoever found this company found a gem. We were split into groups of about 10 at the Met and our guide Harry was beyond energetic and full of fun facts. I don’t want to give anything away but the tour went by so quickly and was really interactive. I learned a ton about what was in the museum and the museum itself. Highly, highly recommend for a work event and I am very interested in participating with friends as well!”

— Kimberly G. on our Team Building Tours, via Yelp

Epic Team Building at the Met

“Fantastic — highly recommend.”

— Griffin Doty on our VIP Night Tour at the Met, via Vimbly


“Dustin and Kelly from Museum Hack gave us an awesome tour, full of great and interesting tidbits and backstories of a variety of pieces throughout the museum. They were extremely excited to share all sorts of fun and interesting scientific and historical facts, which made the tour extremely engaging and fun. They were also very patient with our group (all moms toting babies under 6 months!), which was great.”

— SandyB1020 on our Tour of the Museum of Natural History

Museum Adventure fun with whales at AMNH

“I’m a big fan of the National Gallery, and museums in general, so I was intrigued when I heard about this company that promises a unique spin on the old docent tour. So I signed up and attended a tour given by Hannah one chilly Saturday afternoon. She whisked our small group immediately to the Da Vinci, which I’ve seen numerous times, but Hannah recounted some fascinating, sordid stories about the painting’s subject and the twisty, turny history of the object itself. From there, she led us throughout the museum for two hours, stopping at famous and obscure works alike and enlivening them with details on history, technique and sexy intrigue. Hannah said that between her and her partner, they probably have about 18 hours of material for the museum, so repeat attendance pays off. High recommendation.”

— James S. on our National Gallery of Art Tours, via Yelp

Recreating famous paintings at the National Gallery of Art

Ready to be our guest?  We’d love to take you on a museum adventure!  To discover the juicy, hidden secrets of our favorite museums, reserve your tickets now.

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