MongoDB Corporate Tour with Museum Hack

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We worked with MongoDB to create a private museum tour that would inspire and bond their intern team. MongoDB is an innovative and diverse software company from NYC. Their teams work with all kind of organizations, from Fortune 500 enterprises to hospitals. We were really looking to break the ice, start building some strong connections, and have fun at our favorite museum!

MongoDB representing the west side with hand signals.

The team loved it. Here is what Elle, from Marketing Operations and Analytics had to say about the tour:

β€œI just wanted to drop you a quick note expressing how much I enjoyed the tour yesterday. Museum Hack was interesting, engaging, fun, and very informative! This event encouraged us to explore the museum in such novel ways that no visit to the Met will ever be the same again! Even with such a vast collection of art, I felt like we had a curated, fun glimpse into the hidden treasures that fill the museum. Please pass on my thanks to the tour guides. They were a great pair to lead our MongoDB intern group!”

MongoDB rowing themselves across the Delaware.

Each of our museum team building adventures are customize specifically to engage your employees. No two tours or events are alike, because what will work for one team might not work for another. Β We consistently encouraging collaboration and communication (and hi-fives) throughout our tours.

We love getting feedback like this (thanks Elle!).

MongoDB walks like an Egyptian.

The idea behind our corporate tours is that we work with organizations to create tours and events that have a long-lasting impact- it’s not just about having a bit of fun together at the Met (although we hope this happens too!) We want teams to learn how to work together more efficiently and effectively by creating incredibly positive experiences for them.

We would love to work with you to create a corporate event or customized tour, please email us at To read a bit more about what we’ve done in the past, read some of our corporate customer testimonials here.



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