Monday Funday: Bob Ross’ Best Advice

Julia Kennedy - Marketing & Aud Dev Associate


Bob Ross (who can forget that calming voice with the goofy perm?) created a captivating show about literally watching paint dry.

The 1990’s hit – The Joy of Painting, aired for 11 years as Bob painted natural scenes out of blank canvases in less than a half hour. You can search through an archive of paintings produced on the show.

Many may not know that before becoming a painting sensation, Bob lost part of his left index finger, his half-brother, and became a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force. He enlisted at 18 and served for 20 years, traveling widely and seeing many landscapes. He developed a quick-painting technique, and made artworks during brief work breaks.

After years of having to be “the guy who makes you scrub the latrine, the guy who makes you make your bed, the guy who screams at you for being late to work” in his tenure in the military, Bob said he didn’t ever want to scream again.

One of the most memorable things about Bob was his quiet and optimistic tone, often finding the silver lining in everything. We rounded up some of our favorite pieces of wisdom and advice from Bob Ross.

Words of encouragement when you you’re working at a new skill:

When you need a reminder that growth isn’t always linear:

Or when Bob was Dumbledore before Dumbledore was Dumbledore:

If you just needed a reminder that nature is straight up AWESOME:

If you needed a push to just kick the bad things out and keep the good close to you:

Bob, you were Frozen before Frozen!

We all start out as amateurs at one point:

And of course, this mantra that can be repeated every day:

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