Misc Updates and Major To-Do Items Before Launch

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Still waiting on NYSED approval for the company name. Had a neat meeting yesterday to talk with a friend about what our Facebook strategy should be.

Big to-do items before we can launch:

  • Website – 80% finished
  • Ticketing – Waiting on insurance and copy
  • Insurance – HOT HOT HOT need to apply
  • Bank Account – Waiting on LLC to get EIN

Other misc little things, too, like setting up email accounts, social media pages, etc.

I want to take this moment in the footer to say HOW EXCITED I am to start this business. Despite all of these boring and sometimes complicated or frustrating administrative details, a few facts shine true:

  1. Museums are awesome and amazing and incredible places.
  2. The best museum in the whole world is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  3. Our company is going to provide THE BEST TOUR GUIDES for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lots more to say about the state of museum education, other museums we may be working on/with, and the benefits of iced coffee… but first things first. We have a company to start.

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