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Museum Hack News November 18, 2013 Featured Image
  • It has been almost four months since we launched Museum Hack to the world. Wow! Thank you everyone for your support.
  • Our business is built on the great reviews from our customers. Check out what our visitors have written about us on TripAdvisor, and Yelp. Reading that feedback makes me so proud of this business that we are creating.
  • Two interns have been working with us and I want to say a special Thank You to them: Shoshana Torn does a bang-up job on our social media, and Emily Da Silva-Prado has been providing art history research assistance.
  • My friend Justin Hall recently interviewed me about Museum Hack.
  • Jen Oleniczak has been leading a lot of tours for Museum Hack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and our customers love her. She is a trained museum educator, improv coach, and lover of green juice and football. We’re happy to have her on our team.
  • A particular quirky but fun thing for me: Tomorrow our group is going to have a daylong brainstorming jam at the Korean Spa Castle in Queens, New York. One of the reasons we originally started charging for our tours was to pay for events like this. Plus I love spa life.
  • Chief Hacker Mark Rosen will be giving a speech tonight in New York City about Hacking the Museum at the #ArtsTech meetup. The event is sold out but Shosh will be live-tweeting from our Twitter.
  • We haven’t officially announced it yet, but we are training a new group of awesome guides to join the Museum Hack team. These individuals are going through a very thorough Tour Guide Training Process that Mark Rosen is leading. Look for more news about this soon.

Thanks again for your support of our new business. We love museums and hope you do, too.

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