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Say hello to Esther, our very own social media junkie. She helps with our copywriting, online customer service, designing, communication and a bunch of other webby stuff. Read the interview below to find out about her love of bicycles and why she thinks traveling is so important.

1. What do you do for Museum Hack?

I have my hands in a few pots at Museum Hack, but mostly I create and share content online- this ranges from Twitter to our newsletters to our blog. I love sharing what we do- it is an exciting, fast moving company and is a ton of fun.

2. Tell us about one of your favorite Museum Hack experiences.
The one that has been most impactful was when I went to the British Museum in London a few months ago. I lived in the UK for awhile, and had gone to this world renowned museum a total of one time. It had been too overwhelming for me to want to go back. I remember just wandering through the rooms not really looking at anything, there was just too much. But after working with Museum Hack, I’ve learned how to look at the museum in a completely different way– when I came back to the British Museum this time around, it was like an entirely different museum- it was exciting, and fascinating, and relevant. Seeing this change in myself motivates me to want to share this with everyone.

Esther with Mark and Nick in Sweden

3. What’s are 3 fun facts that most people don’t know about you?

  • I grew up in southern Ontario, Canada, but have lived in 8 different cities across Canada, the UK and Belgium.
  • I know how to milk a goat and turn the fresh goat milk into cheese.
  • I am a total bicycle enthusiast. I am happiest when I am gliding along on two wheels. I don’t know if is my Dutch heritage or environmentalist leanings, but I f**king love my bicycle.

4. What type of work is your favorite with Museum Hack?
Part of my job is to find great art humor to share on our social media. So, for an hour or two each month, I just run around the internet looking for things that make me laugh, then I share them with the world. Sometimes I can’t believe that this is a part of my job, because it is so much fun.

5. What is your biggest goal in life?
My biggest goal would be to see as many different countries as possible. I think traveling makes me a better person- more empathetic, smarter, and more aware. Understanding other cultures and ways of thinking is very important, so my life goal is to try and experience as much of that as I am able.

Thank you to Esther for all that she does and for this great interview. Read more interviews with the Museum Hack team here.

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