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Meet Harry, our Creative Events Shaman.

Get to know our Museum Hack team! This week we’re catching up with Harry, our Resident Expert on Tibetan Art and the juiciest secrets of World History. Watch the short video about him, or read the interview below.


1. Which museum do you give tours at?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I also work in the education department at the Rubin Museum.

2. Why did you apply to work with Museum Hack?

Because I loved the attitude, and the way it makes great art accessible to people who might not have given it a chance! (Myself included!)

Harry and Lia

3. Tell us about one of your favorite Museum Hack experiences.

Every time I get to tell people that the arms and armor is spit shone once a year!

4. What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

I spent my childhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia (and there’s two of us! Mark, another Museum Hacker Tour Guide, did too!) Also, I speak Tibetan.

5. If you had to be trapped in the Museum overnight, what would you do?

Check and see if any of the mummies come to life, or search for ghosts!

6. If you could work at any other museum, which one would you choose?

I would give tours at historical sights, like Nalanda University in India!

Harry Einhorn is a tour guide and Museum Educator working in New York City.

Harry Einhorn is our Resident Expert on Tibetan Art and has all the juiciest secrets of World History. He has been working with Museum Hack on a variety of different projects, but we wanted to highlight some of the amazing work he has been doing on his specialized thematic tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as his work with our corporate clients.

Harry is an arts educator who gives tours for Museum Hack
Harry is an Arts Educator who gives thematic tours for Museum Hack.



Jews at the Met Receives an Excellent Review

Harry Einhorn was engaging, knew his subject matter, and seamlessly led us through the thongs of visitors at one of the world’s largest museums. There were more than a few times when I momentarily stopped paying attention because I was thinking about friends I needed to tell about the tour!
-Seth Fera-Schanes

Read the Full Article.

Listen to this podcast testimonial about Jews at the Met with Harry E.

Corporate Team Building Event Planner

Museum Hack has been  hired by a large companies to program team building both for in-museum events, as well as for conferences and summits. Here is a quote from Harry Einhorn about his work with a large personal development company we worked with in February 2015.

This was a first for us. It was great to offer consulting on icebreakers and team building exercises for this company’s group retreat in Las Vegas. We took the best of what we do in a museum setting (loosen up groups, and help them get to know each other) and applied them to their company’s meeting. Many of the games we suggested were brand new, but we gave them some classic tips, such as Instant Polaroid-like photos (which they loved). I was really glad to hear that it went so well!
-Harry Einhorn, Tour Guide with Museum Hack

Harry Einhorn giving instructions

 The client sent us this testimonial afterwards:

“Honestly, I think it all went great.  We have a pretty young cool team, so they really embraced this all so well.  The human map and then the circles project Harry suggested afterwards may have been key. It helped loosen everyone up and we got to just harmlessly talk about things. Those activities helped us laugh and helped us find things in common without trying too hard. I think it gave me ways to start conversations with people who I may have been struggling to find an opening with. Finally, a photo challenge was issued that resulted in some of the best physical take-aways from the whole strategy session.”
-Pam T., Director of Human Resources

 Read the full article here. 

Harry Einhorn

Creator of Customized Scavenger Hunts

Harry Einhorn creates experiences that allow people to appreciate art in a new way. By using challenges, storytelling, movement, photo, and a bit of competitiveness, he make the museum a place to learn while having a great time. The camaraderie that results in these kinds of events will has a long-lasting impact on groups in the way they view and appreciate art and museum spaces.

Read about the Scavenger Hunt at the Brooklyn Museum

Harry Einhorn and the Team at the Brooklyn Museum

Review of the scavenger hunt with Harry Einhorn from Museum Hack, created for Foursquare

“Foursquare had an amazing time on a Museum Hack Scavenger Hunt through the Brooklyn Museum, cracking each other up with tinfoil pharaoh hats, alien masks and ouija boards.  Our guides seemed to appear magically at just the right time to give us our next clue and usher us to parts of the museum I’d never seen, despite living a short walk away. There’s no better way to experience a museum, I’d love to do it again!”
-Matt Healy from Foursquare 

Read more about the event here.

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