Marketing Tools for Museum Professionals: What do people really think about your website?

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Stories December 14, 2019 Marketing Tools for Museum Professionals: What do people really think about your website?

Peek by is a tool that we’ve used to get some fresh ideas and feedback about the Museum Hack home page. We think it’s a great resource for museum marketing staff to use. And because we’re a bit on the fringe ourselves, we think we’re in a good position to be your reference for cool start-up concepts in the field. Here’s our quick review and a special access code to skip the waiting list.

sends your website to a real person for a quick test, including actual video and audio of them browsing your museum’s desktop or mobile website.  The random native English-speaking tester takes a look at your museum’s home page and answers a few short questions. It is fast, effective, and really rather economical (as in…free!). Sometimes you can get your results in an hour; other times it can take up to a day or two.

The results are insightful- a real person clicking around on your site and letting you know what they think. Here’s what their testers had to say about the Museum Hack home page:


We liked that we got to watch the tester’s reactions in real time. As she figured out what Museum Hack was about and what we were doing, we got a conscious stream of what she was thinking. Also, she thought we were pretty fun and unique, which made us smile (because it is true! Glad we come across this way digitally).

But we’re not perfect! An additional test we performed earlier in the year showed us several insightful flaws in our home page.

  • The person didn’t understand immediately what we did (above the fold).
  • She was confused if we were a physical tour, or perhaps something virtual.
  • She clicked on the FAQ first, which encourages us to place more information on the FAQ page! Such as, “What is Museum Hack?
  • “Where is it located?” was a good point, and she suggests that we add that information on our home page.

It’s a very refreshing, interesting experience to have someone explore your website who has never visited it or heard about you before. We like Peek because it helps us remember about our core audience: People who have never heard about us, who are not part of the museum community, and who are all potential customers.

The site was created as a taster, to get you interested in their bigger, more in depth service, is losing money on these tests, but they hope that you’ll sign up for their paid service. To be very clear though: You don’t have to sign up, and we haven’t signed up. We just love the free part of their service.

Add your website URL, your name and email to the Peek by UserTesting home page. The site gives you a time estimate of when your results will be ready.

If you use the promo code “MuseumHack” then you can skip to the front of the line. Note: We don’t make any money on this and have no affiliation with – we just wanted to share it with museum folks as a great tool, and the company offered us a priority access code for 50 people to use.

p.s. You might get distracted by the awesomeness of the goggly eyes that follow your cursor, but all in all, this site is an excellent tool- it is fast, effective and helpful. Don’t forget to use the promo code “MuseumHack” to get your results quicker.Try it for your museum website now at

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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