Mark Kennedy-McClellan Taking On New Role In 2017

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We’re so excited to announce Mark Kennedy-McClellan’s new position with Museum Hack. Mark will ring in 2017 as our Experience Consulting Creative Producer, focusing entirely on building out our offerings for creative consulting projects with corporate clients.

Mark and Tasia together at an Exco event.
Mark and Chief of Staff Tasia together at an Exco event.

In 2016, Mark helped spearhead dozens of cool experience consulting and storytelling opportunities with a variety of clients, including luxury hotels, resorts, and retail brands. We worked to customize conferences for personal business consulting firms and partnered with catastrophe modeling data analytics software companies. We ran leadership workshops and storytelling training for global energy technology conglomerates, and worked on custom projects with incredible companies like Bloomingdale’s, UNICEF, Elizabeth Arden, and Solar City.

Mark is especially looking forward to taking a more hands-on role with experience consulting process. In the past, much of his focus was on the sale and initial set-up, and he’s excited to be more heavily involved in executing the creative side of our corporate events.

“I’ve only ever before been able to give these projects 50% time and attention, with my other role as Sales Manager. So by allowing other super awesome people to focus on our day-to-day team building & private tour sales, I can key in with clients on advising and consulting them to build out these highly customized creative projects.” – Mark Kennedy-McClellan

Mark joined Museum Hack more than three years ago as a Creative Consultant before progressing into a sales role, ultimately taking on the responsibility of managing our sales team. Mark’s early work with the company fueled a love for the creative side of Museum Hack’s work, and his new role will allow him to focus entirely on new opportunities.

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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