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This is Mark Kennedy. He is an essential member of the Museum Hack Team. Recently, Mark was promoted to VIP Sales and Associate Staff Manager. In this role, Mark will be organizing all our private tours- from Corporate Team Building to Bachelorette Parties. He will also be the Staff Manager for our tour guide operations. Mark Kennedy

Mark has been a friend of Museum Hack for a long time. He knows our business very well, our customers love talking to him, and our staff respects him. We like working with Mark and this new position is a great fit,” said Nick Gray, Founder and CEO of Museum Hack.

Mark is our longest-serving member of the staff. He was introduced to us in August 2013 by a mutual friend to help with actors and casting to add a theatrical element to our tours. Hired as a Creative Consultant, Mark assisted us with the feedback and experimentation of using actors during the tours. Earlier this year, Mark started focusing on corporate events, where he has excelled at creating all kinds of great events for a range of companies like GoogleNARS Cosmetics and J.P. Morgan.

I feel challenged and rewarded every day, whether it’s getting a yogurt company psyched about a big celebratory event at the Met, doing crazy amounts of late night online research on art in Oslo, or pushing a guide-in-training to let loose and take risks. It feels good to work hard at something I care about, I believe in what we’re doing, and am surrounded by f***ing awesome people who do too.“
-Mark Kennedy, VIP Sales & Associate Staff Manager at Museum Hack
Is it left or right?

Mark = Awesome. You can tell because he is surrounded by pretty ladies and presidents Here are three fun facts about Mark:

1. He is from the seaside capital of Nova Scotia, Canada.

2. He has a deep appreciation for supreme crafted beer.

3. His middle name is William. True Story. 

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