How To Get a Business License in Manhattan

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This post applies to sole proprietorships as they look to get a Manhattan business license. We’ll cover the LLC application process in a few weeks.

A New York Courthouse where the business license magic happens.
A New York Courthouse where the Manhattan business license magic happens.

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Register For a Business Certificate for New York City

  1. Fill out the X201 form.
  2. Take it to the county courthouse for your borough.
  3. Answer some questions.
  4. Pay some money ($110 on the day we filed).
  5. Success!

Don’t forget to bring a photo ID.

This video shows you the simple steps to register your sole proprietorship business at the County Courthouse in Manhattan.

Corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships must register with the Secretary of State or Department of State in Albany. We’ll show you how to get an LLC in a few weeks.

We are sharing this video to help other entrepreneurs. To learn more about our museum startup business, check out more posts on

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