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Take Them On a Memorable and Engaging Museum Tour

This article is about how to build powerful relationships with clients — and with those relationships to win new contracts and encourage repeat business. But first something important…

General Ulysses S. Grant and Lee Handshake

Early one April morning, 1865, General Ulysses S. Grant strode into a Virginia court house and shook hands with General Robert E. Lee — the surrender that followed that shake ended America’s four year civil war.

And history is built on such handshakes. That bonding grip has not only ended wars, but created nations, birthed industries, cured diseases and taken us to the moon. Handshakes are epic!

But a handshake only lasts a few moments, while behind it is often months and sometimes even years of schmoozing — the wining and dining between companies and individuals to win lucrative contracts, forge monolithic partnerships and otherwise dominate industries. That’s what building client relationships is about, not just hitting the next KPI but instead skyrocketing your business into the future one handshake at a time.

A couple thousand years ago, Romans were schmoozing guests at the colosseum. The modern day equivalent is box seats at baseball games, catered with fancy popcorn and an open bar. But what if there was another option? More memorable than watching a game together, and more engaging than another cocktail party. That option might just be museum tours.

Our company, Museum Hack, has become well known for our team building tours at the world’s best museums. Companies like Google, Facebook, Spotify, Etsy and the New Yorker have all brought groups on our “unconventional” tours that include games, activities and fun photos with the art. These tours serve to bond employees together, build their loyalty to the company and give them fun, new ways to interact together. And these companies continuously give us five star reviews — thank you!

But while we love to build those bonds between employee/employee and employee/company, not a lot of people know about our other love. We love to make companies look good in front of other companies! We love to help create handshakes.

Creation of Adam

Client Building Activities: How to Create More Opportunities for Handshakes

If you are planning client development activities and events, here’s how Museum Hack can help:

  1. Call our concierge at 1-800-210-9676 or send a quick email to [email protected]. We have offices in NYC, DC, CHI, and SF, and we can also travel to your location.

  2. We will work with you to customize the tour for you and your client. Are they in the financial industry? We can show you a sparkling history of money, including the unsung heroes that built America’s markets (and the juicy gossip that followed them around). Same for Education, Medicine, Technology and every other industry. If you can name it, we can create a tour that will dazzle your client. And customization doesn’t stop at industry. We can cater tours based on country of origin, demographics, company values and more.

  3. Craft your invitation. We can help. We want your clients/guests to be excited from the get-go, so that this museum tour isn’t just a “fun Thursday afternoon”, it’s a bonding experience that sparks years of fruitful collaboration.

  4. Come on the tour. Really, it’s that simple. We will do all the heavy lifting finding the fascinating pieces in the gallery and preparing their stories. We will also plan fun games and activities that will let you and your client interact — so you aren’t just “doing business” but also building the genuine relationships that fuel that business. P.S: we also know all the best spots in the museum to take memorable group photos, and these are mementos that last.

  5. Shake hands. Literally, figuratively, it’s up to you. But our promise is that by the end of your tour, your client will not only be in a great mood but also completely in love with you. We’ve had couples propose on our tours, and the magic spark in the Egyptian room may be the right moment for you to pop the question too.

And that’s it. Museum tours are a new way of building client relationships that are fun, engaging and memorable. Get started today, and get ready to shake those hands tomorrow.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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