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Want to know our biggest secret?

Museum Hack isn’t a museum tour company. Not really. Of course, we do run hundreds of museum tours a month and some people say we are AWESOME at it. But the truth is that we offer a handful of services that don’t really have much to do with museums at all.

This post is about one of our favourite services, on-site team building events (we come to you!), and how it may just be “the thing” that makes your next company get-together a huge success.

Example 1: The Hacky Hour

Recently a client, one of the world’s largest hotel chains, had a problem. They had hired a new ecommerce team to help boost their online efforts. But these engineers, designers and marketing people didn’t have “hotel experience”. And even though they did great technical work, they didn’t really know the history of the company and where it’s high standards of service came from.

Enter Museum Hack. We worked with this client to host a “Hacky Hour”, a one hour event at a nearby restaurant with drinks, snacks and a “super dose” of company history. We showed up with stories about the hotel’s founder and his long struggle to compete with the world’s best. We talked about the early days of the hotel, when there were no online databases and great customer service meant a little more face time with the guests. We finished up with games and activities to reinforce those core values.

The result? The ecommerce team went from “great technical people”, to fully engaged with the hotel’s mission and values — all in just one hour. In their words, “it was the perfect thing for the team to do!”

Check out a 60 second video of a Hacky Hour below.

Example 2: Fun Hacking the Annual Meeting

Sometimes clients don’t have a specific problem, but instead want to give a boost to their happy and productive team. That was the case with this next client, a major player in the financial technology space.

Once a year, this Fin Tech company hosts an all-company meeting. They rent out a conference space and spend the day reinforcing, prioritizing and keeping everyone in the loop as to where the business is going. The goal is to get everyone on the same page so that the next few quarters can be really successful. Because these meetings can be stressful and high pressure, the management team invited Museum Hack to come make it fun and keep everyone in a good mood.

We planned carefully to make sure the activities we planned connected with the messaging of the event and the values of the company. One example was the high speed Agility Scavenger Hunt. In the financial tech world, being consistently agile and on the cutting edge is a top priority — your clients demand it. The Agility Scavenger hunt was designed to be near impossible to finish in time. This theme had the teams zipping around the city snapping photos and racing to get back in time to be scored. Along with other activities that reinforced dependability and high quality, the event was a big success. “They weren’t thinking about learning, but they were learning while they were having fun.”


Example 3: Staff Training Hack

Everyone has seen those internal videos that spew the corporate mission, values and rules for new employees. These videos are almost always boring, ineffective and sooo 1980s. When this next client, an international sportswear company, was revving up for a big pivot in their sales process, they knew they needed more than videos to get staff buy-in. Their team had been on our museum tours and were very curious about how we train our guides.

Them: “Would you come hack our company and energize the team around the pivot?”

Us: “Of course, we’d be happy to!”

Even though this company is an internationally recognized brand, very few people know the company history — and their deep commitment to customer service. As we dived into the rich stories of the company’s founder, we found terrific examples of how HE had done the front-line work. We learned that he believed serving the customer wasn’t just helping them choose the perfect pair of shoes, but also getting to know each customer by name, remembering their family, their work and vacations. Perfect! This story was just what the current generation of sales people needed to rally around. We put together a few fun activities for 50 people at the flagship store, including musical parody, skits, games and stories. For these sales people that are on the ground day in and day out, we were able to help get them truly engaged and bought into the vision of the pivot. Another big win.

Example 4: Hack the Knickerbocker knickerbocker-team

Earlier this year the management team of New York’s luxurious Knickerbocker Hotel got in touch with us for a challenge. Their hotel, originally built in the early 1900s, had closed 15 years later because of general financial decline. In 2015, the building was converted back to it’s original use as a hotel and even used the original name. Management knew that guests would have questions about the hotel’s history, and that their staff wasn’t equipped to answer. They had both a knowledge and skill gap: What happened here? How could they talk about it in an interesting way?

To train the Knickerbocker staff we prepared a tour of THEIR location, citing some of the fascinating history we had uncovered through research (like the original owner’s famous last words on the Titanic). Then we did a quick workshop for their team, including the concierge, front desk people, cleaning staff, management — everybody. We taught them our 5 Elements of a Hack, and how they could tell the hotel’s stories in a way that would be memorable and engaging for guests. And bonus points, the staff loved it, “it was fun and accessible for everybody”. Check out the full case study about how we hacked the Knickerbocker.

Edit: Six months later, one of our team members sat down at the Knickerbocker’s bar and the bartender started rattling off the stories — the training stuck!

These stories are just four examples of how we worked with clients to make their team, their meetings, their location, and their company shine. We work with every client to customize the event to their needs. That means you aren’t getting some template material that we do over and over, instead we craft engaging activities for you and your team.

Some clients hire us because they have a specific problem to solve, like the hotel chain that needed to get their ecommerce team up to speed. For other clients everything is going well, but they want to reward and energize their team, like the financial tech company mentioned above. But the #1 reason companies hire us for team building is simple, “It looks like a lot of fun. We don’t know how to have fun together… we need help!”

Did any of these examples sound familiar? If you are curious to learn a little bit more about what our on-site team building service can do for you and your company, get in touch at 1-800-210-9676 or send a quick email to [email protected] — no pressure, and no commitment required, we’d just love to chat with you.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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